Shipping terms


Extracts from the General Terms and Conditions Current status: May 2018


§ 4 Prices, delivery and shipping costs
4.1 The prices listed within the online shop are final prices. Accordingly, they include all price components, including any taxes due. Payable delivery and shipping costs are not included in the purchase price. For the dispatch of the goods within Germany as well as abroad, shipping costs are therefore payable; these are also to be borne by the buyer.

4.2 Delivery within Germany (mainland only) is free of charge.

  • EXCEPTIONS are the infrared heater of Ekostar. We charge a shipping fee of 12,99€.

4.3 Deliveries outside Germany, but within the EU

  • Floor sockets up to 8kg are charged with 18€. If the basket exceeds 8kg we charge 23€. From an order value of more than 500€, we ship the floor sockets to all EU countries free of shipping costs.
  • Infrared heater are charged with a lump sum of 29,99€.

4.4 The shipping charges apply per order in one complete delivery, unless otherwise agreed. Please note that additional charges for partial deliveries can occur.



§ 7 Terms of delivery and shipment
Unless otherwise specified, the goods shall be delivered against advance payment and by mail. The goods shall be dispatched at the latest three working days after receipt the purchase price plus shipping costs to be paid by the customer have been received by „BEP24“.
7.2 If the customer is an entrepreneur, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the goods shall pass to him as soon as the shipment has been handed over to the person responsible for transportation.
7.2.1 With consumers, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the goods in the event of mail-order purchase shall pass to the consumer when the goods are handed over to the consumer.
7.2.2 With respect to the assumption of risk, the terms are identical with those of handover if the customer defaults in accepting the delivery of goods.
7.3 The customer assures that he has given the correct and complete delivery address with his order. If additional shipment costs should be incurred on account of incorrect address data, for example if the shipment costs are incurred once more, these costs must be paid by the customer.
7.4 Unless otherwise specified, delivery shall be effected free kerbside.



§ 10 Damage in transit
In the event of damage in transit, the customer shall support "BEP24" to the best of his ability, if claims are to be asserted against the transportation company or transportation insurance company concerned.
10.1 If the (partial) loss or damage is not externally apparent, the customer must advise "BEP24" of this within five days of delivery or the transportation company within seven days of delivery, in order to ensure that any claims against the transportation company are asserted in good time.
10.2 Any rights and claims by the customer, in particular his rights in the event of defects in the goods, remain unaffected by the provisions of § 11.1 of these GTC. For this reason, these do not contain any term of preclusion for the rights of the customer in accordance with § 9 of these GTC.