Touch dimmer light switch and socket outlet with glass blene black

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The light switch combines elegant design with state-of-the-art sensor technology. The surface is made of safety glass. Below is an aluminium frame in black, with polished edges. The light switch is activated by lightly touching the switching surface. The touch point is illuminated at any time of day so that the switch is easy to find in the dark and is also an eye-catcher.

The light switch can be used with all light sources including incandescent lamps, halogen lamps & energy saving lamps.

Attention: For lamps with a wattage of 20 Watt or LED lamps a resistor adapter is necessary. You can find it under accessories (article number: W1).

Technical data:

    Dimensions 151 x 80 x 37mm
    Operating voltage: AC110~250V, 50Hz60Hz
    max. current for each gear 2.5A
    max. power for each gear 500W/220V or 250W/120V
    Quiescent current consumption: less than 0.1mW
    Service life over 100,000 times

Installation information: You will receive detailed installation instructions with the delivery. This is preliminary information only.

  • All touch light switches are installed without power & glass or wooden screen! The bezel can be removed with a flat screwdriver. To do this, insert the screwdriver into the opening and gently turn it until it clicks.
  • Then connect the light switch:
  • Circuit diagramCircuit diagram LED
  • Screw the light switch to the flush-mounted box.
  • Now reattach the cover, there must be a "click" noise, then you can assume that the glass cover is seated correctly.
  • Wait 6 minutes, then turn on the power.
  • Then wait another 3 minutes, during which time the sensor adjusts itself.
  • Now you can operate the light switch.

    If you do not follow these instructions, the light switch may not react or malfunctions may occur.




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LED adapter Resistor adapter (W1) LED adapter Resistor adapter (W1)
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